Publishing & versions

An overview of the PlanGraph Plan Builder interface.


We want you to feel confident in making changes to your plans and pricing. No change to your pricing will go live on your pricing page, or in our API until you have published it in the Plan Builder.

Every group of changes gets bundled into a version of your product that can be viewed or reverted to at any time.

What is a draft? How do I publish?

When your product has a draft this means that changes you make are being saved but not yet visible to your embeds or our API. A draft can be used to collaborate on changes and review the overall state of your plans before committing to a change.

To start a new draft you must click the "Edit product" button from your Plan Builder interface. You will then see a new version at the top left with the "Draft" badge.

Once you've changed your plans, features or values you can then click the "Publish product" button to begin publishing your draft.

When publishing you will be asked to fill out:

  • A name for your version

  • A version number (you can choose to use the autogenerated value)

  • A comment to describe what is included in this version

Once published, this version will be attributed to your user in the history log. The version selector will now show your latest version with a "live" badge.

Viewing previous versions

To see what changes have been made to your pricing you can explore the history log by clicking the version dropdown at the top of the Plan Builder.

You will see a menu of all past versions of your product, simply select which version you would like to view and the Plan Builder preview will populate with a historical dataset. This view is read-only.

In the sidebar, you will be shown a diff of what changes had been made in comparison to the version before.

Reverting to a previous version

If you make a change that you wish to undo you can revert to a previous version. Currently, you must revert the entire set of changes included in a version.

When viewing the Plan Builder you can revert to a previous version:

  1. Select the version you wish to revert to from the history drop-down

  2. Click the "Restore this version" button at the top right above the diff, or at the bottom of the diff sidebar

  3. Confirm that you wish to overwrite your draft

  4. A new draft will be created with that data

Once reviewed, you can now publish your product as normal.