A catalog of recent feature releases

Next Up

  • Stripe Synchronization early access Easily synchronize your PlanGraph plans and features with your Stripe account to power subscriptions and entitlements. šŸ‘‰ We're currently looking for users interested in participating in early access to this feature. If you are a current user of Stripe for payment processing or are beginning to charge users for your product please reach out.

November 2020

  • Plan and Feature descriptions Give your users more context about the Plans and Features you offer through our new description fields.

  • Configurable string feature type Define a number of options for your end user to choose from. Optionally, define a cost for each option and set the default value. If no default value is set the user will be required to make a selection from the Plan Table.

October 2020

September 2020

  • Refreshed feature types and editing UI Store more than just strings with our Include, Numeric and Tiers feature types. Include can be used to display whether a feature is included within the specified plan. Numeric can be used to define an integer value, keeping numbers out of strings. Tiers can be used to express per-unit pricing for metered features.

July 2020

  • Custom plan and feature visibility You can now choose which items are visible on a per-plan and per-feature basis. Hidden plans and features are only accessible through the GraphQL API.

  • Custom plan and feature ordering You can now decide what order your plans and features are returned. Drag and drop your columns and rows while in edit mode to update their position.

  • Configurable embeds for Web Components Embeds can be created and used in different scenarios. Customize their buttons and actions directly from the web UI and change behaviour without deploying new code.

June 2020

  • Product refresh with updated feature types A completely re-designed Plan Builder with a new underlying data model and feature types. All current accounts will be migrated automatically.