How to access your private data programmatically

Your product's plans and features are available programmatically through our GraphQL API. To access this data you must authenticate using an API token.

API Tokens

Tokens are created on a per-workspace basis and can be used for each of the products within. Each token can be given a description to understand where it will be used.

Creating an API token

To create an API token, go to your workspace's settings page and select the tokens option.

You will now be able to create your first API token:

Note: once you create an API token, store it someplace safe. We store the token encrypted and have no way of showing you the plain text token after you have refreshed the page.

Using an API token

We authenticate private requests using headers, more specifically the Authorization header:Authorization: Bearer <token>.

You can test this out in our playground by configuring the Authorization header accordingly: