Our embeds make it easy to add your pricing and packaging on your website using Web Components.

Using Web Components, PlanGraph delivers packaged UI elements to power your pricing page and subscription workflows with limited development effort.

PlanGraph's web components are built using Stencil. For more information about integrating with your site, please refer to the latest framework docs.

Each component has a set of events and styling options that can be customized to match your application and workflow.


In order to use our embeds, you must include their dependencies. You can load the required JavaScript libraries directly from our CDN:

<script async type="module" src=""></script>
<script nomodule src=""></script>

The code snippet is given to you after creating an Embed and should be added following your page's <body> tag.

Now you are ready to paste your chosen web component embed wherever on the page you want it to display.

Component Library

With more components arriving soon.