Explore guides and reference for implementing PlanGraph for your application.

Why PlanGraph?

PlanGraph enables you to make confident and consistent changes to your pricing and packaging. By storing your pricing in PlanGraph you are able to collaborate with stakeholders, review and approve changes, and publish directly to your workflows.

Explore PlanGraph

Pricing and packaging is defined in plans and features using products, embedded in your end-user experience using web components, and integrated with billing and reporting infrastructure using GraphQL.


Products contain a collection of plans and features that represent your offering.


Our embeds library makes it easy for you to display your plans on your website with minimal integration work, such as bootstrapping your pricing page.


Through the GraphQL API, you can query all of your feature and plan data. You may choose to integrate this directly with your subscription flow, or to connect your data to additional systems.


Stay up to date with new features and bugfixes by reviewing our changelog.